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SMART Training is the first key to


Our Club

I'm Fujie Xia, Albuquerque Dolphins Head Coach and former Olympic swimmer. I invite you to see how our young swimmers train to become nationally competitive swimmers. They train smarter, with more customized training regiment rather than brute force and yardage. Please visit us at our practice location to see what that means. 

Dolphins are the smartest creatures in water. We know very well that high school students must work hard to prepare for college. Our club is a forum for exchanging knowledge, intellect, networks, and inspiration. We sharpen swimmers' intellect as well as athleticism. Our swimmers have gained admissions to top universities including Stanford, Harvard, Michigan, Yale, Georgia Tech, UC Berkeley Engineering, Purdue, UT Austin, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell Engineering, Princeton, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, U. Pennsylvania, Brown, MIT, and similar schools, just within the last few years*). Visit with our swimmers, and you will know why. 

Mission: Train Albuquerque area swimmers to succeed in swimming and in life.

VISION : Our swimmers will be at or near the top of their peer groups in athleticism, education, and life's endeavors. 



*Learn to swim*
Learn the fundamentals of swimming and correct technique.


1 Hour


1- 6 Times per week


*For those who know how to swim*

Advance swimming technique and abilities. Have the ability to compete competitively.

We offer:


1-2 Hours

4/5 - 6PM

1-6 Times per week



*For those with years of swimming experience*


2 Hours

4:30 - 6PM

3-6 Times per week


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